Wednesday, July 27, 2005

President Bush's Latest Outrage!!!

If only the Democrats had uncovered this breaking, scandalous news before the 2004 Election!

Not only is our President accused of being stupid, a moron, a chimp, a puppet, a liar, a deserter, a religious nut, but now the liberal Bush-haters really have his number pegged: President Bush.....*drum roll please*...................EXERCISES TOO MUCH! *Gasp* *Shock* *Horror*

How dare he!

Michael Medved led in with this LA Times article during his first hour on what is it that causes people to hate this President so much. Because it is so sour grapes....I've decided to reprint the article here in it's entirety:

July 22, 2005

by Jonathan Chait:

The (over)exercise of power

A week ago, when President Bush met with Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III to interview him for a potential Supreme Court nomination, the conversation turned to exercise. When asked by the president of the United States how often he exercised, Wilkinson impressively responded that he runs 3 1/2 miles a day. Bush urged him to adopt more cross-training. "He warned me of impending doom," Wilkinson told the New York Times.Am I the only person who finds this disturbing? I don't mean the fact that Bush would vet his selection for the highest court in the land in part on something utterly trivial. That's expected. What I mean is the fact that Bush has an obsession with exercise that borders on the creepy.

Given the importance of his job, it is astonishing how much time Bush has to exercise. His full schedule is not publicly available. The few peeks we get at Bush's daily routine usually come when some sort of disaster prods the White House Press Office to reveal what the president was doing "at the time." Earlier this year, an airplane wandered into restricted Washington air space. Bush, we learned, was bicycling in Maryland. In 2001, a gunman fired shots at the White House. Bush was inside exercising. When planes struck the World Trade Center in 2001, Bush was reading to schoolchildren, but that morning he had gone for a long run with a reporter. Either this is a series of coincidences or Bush spends an enormous amount of time working out.

There's no denying that the results are impressive. Bush can bench press 185 pounds five times, and, before a recent knee injury, he ran three miles at a 6-minute, 45-second pace. That's better than I could manage when I played two sports in high school. And I wasn't holding the most powerful office on Earth. Which is sort of my point: Does the leader of the free world need to attain that level of physical achievement?

Bush not only thinks so, he thinks it goes for the rest of us as well. In 2002, he initiated a national fitness campaign. The four-day kickoff festivities included the president leading 400 White House staffers on a three-mile run. As then-Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said: "When it comes to exercise, there are many people who just need that extra little nudge to go out there and do a little bit more exercise."

Sometimes it takes more than a nudge. In 2002, Bush fired Lawrence Lindsey, his overweight economic advisor. Lindsey's main crime was admitting to Congress that the Iraq war might cost $200 billion, at a time when the administration was trying to cut taxes and was insisting that the war would cost nothing. But compounding things was the fact that, as the Washington Post reported, Bush "complained privately about [Lindsey's] failure to exercise."

My guess is that Bush associates exercise with discipline, and associates a lack of discipline with his younger, boozehound days. "The president," said Fleischer, "finds [exercise] very healthy in terms of … keeping in shape. But it's also good for the mind." The notion of a connection between physical and mental potency is, of course, silly. (Consider all the perfectly toned airheads in Hollywood — or, perhaps, the president himself.) But Bush's apparent belief in it explains why he would demand well-conditioned economic advisors and Supreme Court justices.

Bush's insistence that the entire populace follow his example, and that his staff join him on a Long March — er, Long Run — carries about it the faint whiff of a cult of personality. It also shows how out of touch he is. It's nice for Bush that he can take an hour or two out of every day to run, bike or pump iron. Unfortunately, most of us have more demanding jobs than he does.

Apparently President Bush is very disciplined. He gets up at 5 am and is very punctual at arriving at the White House by 7 am. Contrast that to the habits of former President Clinton and his Administration staffers, whose lack of discipline and unprofessionalism have been likened to that of college kids. I think it's great that President Bush devotes time to staying in such excellent shape. Honestly, what is the big deal here? Thank you for that article, Mr. Chait. You give me ever more reason to love this President. God bless George W. Bush for his religious-like devotion to physical health & fitness.

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Blogger Mark said...

I had heard that from somewhere. the whole article. Did you happen to notice that, once again, Bush is accused of being out of touch? This is just another way of saying he is stupid. Liberals never seem to learn, my friend.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 7:09:00 PM  
Blogger Lores Rizkalla said...

Bush can't do anything right in their eyes. If he stopped working out, it would make the headlines. It would be anything from hyprocrisy to laziness.

I shouldn't be surprised by the liberal media. But, honestly, this threw me. He exercises too much???!!!

I want to know what that writer was saying when Clinton was defiling the honor of the Office.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 8:49:00 PM  

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