Saturday, April 25, 2009

Next on Obama's Agenda: Redistribution of Physical Beauty?!

I make no secrets about watching WWE (more so in 2000-2003, than now); nor about my being a fan of Chris Jericho. He's the reason I got hooked in the first place. He portrayed himself very charismatically in 2000-2002, understands the nature of the business, delivers good matches and knows how to connect to the audience on the mic.
These days, Chris Irvine (his real last name) portrays himself as a heel (bad guy). If he seems arrogant and pompous in interviews, much of it is "kayfabe" and an act (he is, after all, an entertainer, where the character and the person behind the character sometimes has the line blurred).

I don't know what Chris Jericho's politics are (I posted his interview in 2007 during a WWE Christmas tour in Iraq; also, a post in 2008), but many WWE wrestlers do seem to lean either conservative Republican voters or libertarian.

Here he is in a TMZ bit. I found it a bit entertaining. Might be scripted (from the way he walks up to the camera); but I wouldn't be surprised if the line was spontaneous as well as his own. If you've seen him in other interviews, he's naturally funny and articulate.

At 1:30, he's asked if Obama has better abs than he has:

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