Sunday, July 19, 2009

Change we do not want

Photo found at American Power (I like the sign, not the use of a kid holding it).

Check out Amy Proctor's post where she links to Doug Ross' "by the numbers".

How health care 'reforms' will mess with your coverage By Betsy Mccaughey


Obama follows Romney/Kennedy’s MA healthcare over cliff as bankrupt MA cuts care to *legal* immigrants, hospitals sue

Rank-and-file House Democrats resist health care reform plan

Obama losing some support among nervous Dems

Director of Cong. Budget Office: Federal Spending is “Unsustainable”

EXPOSE’ … Obama’s “cartoon horror movie” to destroy US economy revealed in “single cel” trailers

Dems Health Care Plan FORCING You to Join Gov’t System

While the nation was busy with Sotomayor…. health care destruction advancing under cover of media darkness

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Bloviating Zeppelin
Tom's Place with Reagan speaking out against Socialized healthcare



Blogger Z said...

It isn't right to have kids do this kind of stuff but I personally am thrilled she looks Latina and her parents are on America's side...
THIS is something we need to hear more about because there ARE so many Hispanics who shouldn't be lumped with the group Conservatives frequently (including me) mistake as the enemy...ILLEGALS, yes, they are an enemy.... but, in general, Latinos who love this country and don't come here for freebies? "COME ON UP!"

Sunday, July 19, 2009 5:09:00 PM  

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