Monday, November 09, 2009

American Muslims Who are Americans First

I think others within the Muslim community in America are not only being misled by Islamist imams who'd rather promote political Islam over spiritual Islam and speak on American foreign policy matters; but they are also being misled by the anti-Americanism and foreign policy criticism of leftists within our country. Muslim-American youth are going to the same schools and universities, being indoctrinated by the same liberal bullcrap schooling when it comes to American history and current events.

Nor are decent Muslims being served well by political correctness, anymore than the rest of us; political correctness is a disservice to all who seek clarity:

The question, though, is how representative of the wider American Muslim community is Dr. Jasser and other liberal Muslims? This is a question you cannot expect to learn from our media. Just this morning I opened the New York Times, and found on the op-ed page an editorial telling us not to draw prejudicial conclusions about the Fort Hood attack, and two columns characterizing the attack as a wake-up call to mental stress faced by soldiers in wartime -- which is interesting, because Hasan had never been in combat. When it comes to covering Islam in America, the news media is all about managing the story, not telling it in all its complications.

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