Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daniel Freedman Debates Marc Thiessen

Much better, substantive debate than Thiessen's previous appearance where Lawrence O'Donnell frothed and foamed at the mouth and had to be tranquilized and put back in his kennel.

Even good questions from the MSNBC Morning Joe hosts (all points addressed in Thiessen's book, Courting Disaster). Thiessen comes very well armed for debate.

Ali Soufan wouldn't come on to defend and debate (Ali Soufan is the FBI agent- not evil, just wrong and a hero in my book- who has been lionized by the left for his opposition to the CIA interrogation program) so he is represented by Daniel Freedman, the Director of Policy Analysis and Communications of the Soufan Group (also served on Giuliani's campaign as a foreign policy analyst).

Recent articles by Marc Thiessen:
A Middle Ground for Interrogations in Washington Post

Outsourcing the war on terror in USA Today

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