Friday, June 17, 2005

Aww....your feelings are hurt? Tough! Get over it!

Two articles:
Yep, life'll burst that self-esteem bubble

Enough already with kid gloves

The author of the second article, Christina Hoff Sommers, was on the Laura Ingraham Show the same week that article was published in USA Today. One caller mentioned how she was a teacher at this one school and given orders not to mark off points on her kids' spelling test; that so long as they made the attempt to spell the word correctly, even if they got it wrong, to still give them the point! In another area, baseball is being played where strikes are eliminated from the rules of the game (wouldn't want to hurt the batter's feelings, y'know). In another school, they played basketball without keeping track of the points; the caller said the kids would become disoriented, not knowing the objective, and would soon lose interest in the game.

It's no longer "tug-o-war". That would be too militaristic. It's now "tug-o-peace". In "tug-of-peace", the objective isn't to overcome the other team; it's to all pull equally so that everyone rises together. Ain't that sweet? Enough to give you a cavity in the brain!

In parts of our nation, we have become so obsessed with coddling our children and protecting them from every little slight, that we do them a disservice. We protect them from a world they have to live in, to such an extreme, that we do not let them maturate coping skills to deal with hurt and failure. Not allowing them to develop any callus to the world's cruelty, is callous and cruel. It's important that children learn early on to appreciate Failure for the wise Teacher that it is; that failure is a natural consequence of trying and a natural part of the life process.

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