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The World Can't Wait to Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of President Bush's 2nd Term!

While on my drive to work this afternoon, listening to my favorite radio station (KRLA 870), I heard Wilshire was closed down by the Federal Building in Westwood, due to The World Can't Wait national anti-war protest rally, on this, the one year anniversary of President Bush's re-election. I remember protests before the war in Iraq, and being on Santa Monica Blvd, near Sepulveda, and how fed up I was being stuck in no-motion traffic because of anti-war protestors. I felt like I was basically being held hostage by disturbers of the peace, pushing their political expression onto me. Part of me tried to be understanding....that these protestors feel strongly passionate enough to "inconvenience" their fellow citizens, because "desperate times call for desperate measures"; if I felt like the stakes were big enough, like the world was going to end, wouldn't I do everything I could to disrupt it from happening?

But the problem is, I don't feel like the world is ending. And hundreds or even thousands out in the streets protesting is not going to sway my opinion. Of what right do they have to make people late to their appointments/dates/schedules/jobs/?

Apparently a lot of streets in the Westwood area was closed off. While driving back home tonight on the 405 South, I noted the Wilshire exit shut down.

I used to live in that neighborhood. And if I was prevented from getting home in a timely fashion from a hard day at work because of misguided moonbats playing dead in the middle of the road- or whatever it is that they are doing to tie up traffic and drain police resources, I'd be pissed. Royally pissed if it happened to cause me to miss a brand new episode of Lost (naw...I actually don't follow it that closely, and only began tuning in this season because Ex-Donkey posted a picture of a hot actress from the show).

At least the demonstration was "peaceful". I've heard of estimates from 500 to 700 in the Westwood area. I've never been comfortable around huge crowds of people, fearing "mob mentality". That's just me.

I flipped the station over to Fox 11 News, and their coverage of the protests in LA also made mention of some Vietnamese demostrators who were pro-Bush. They understand what a true fascist and brutal regime really is about.

Earlier this afternoon, during the Michael Medved Show, he had on some young woman named Jessica Johnston, I believe, from The World Can't Wait. Then she left, and she replaced herself with 2 high schoolers who were skipping skool....'cause it's kool to bash Bush and feel like you're doing the world a service. Medved was pretty gentle with them, allowing their ignorance to misguided notions speak for themselves.

I checked the Daily Bruin (me being a former Bruin), but other than anti-Bush sentiments in the Viewpoint section (Ben Shapiro must have graduated by now), no articles on today's protest rally. I'll be curious to see what they have to write about in Thursday's edition.

Michelle Malkin promises photos of the NY rally.

Listening to some of the protestors interviewed on local news stations, I just can't get it out of my head, that if I were an al Qaeda operative or sympathizer, seeing the numbers and the vigor of the protestors, and the media attention, as well as reading over and over and over again about President Bush's poll numbers week after week after week, that just might make me forget how militarily I've lost every combat engagement with U.S. forces.

Al Qaeda members and the insurgents in Iraq must be thrilled. But, don't dare suggest that these anti-war protestors don't support the troops. Of course they support the troops! Right.....

UPDATE: 11/03/05- Here it is:

The LA Times.

Among those at the rally were Simon Levy and Riley Steiner, the director and assistant director of the anti-Iraq war play called "What I Heard About Iraq."

"It really is so much like the marches of the '60s in the Bay Area," Levy said. For her part, Steiner said it was "exciting to be a part of the voice" against the war in Iraq.

You mean the one that left a couple million lives slaughtered, put in concentration camps, drowned in refugee boats, etc. due to our withdrawal from Vietnam? Yeah, that sure improved the lives of the Vietnamese and Cambodians, over there.

Gustavo Ramirez of Pomona wore a T-shirt that said, "Our war budget leaves every child behind."

"More than $300 billion has been spent on this war, and that has taken money away from education," Ramirez said.

Why is it that whenever there is a policy liberals disagree with, it's taking money away from some cause they do approve of? What makes them assume that's what the money would be used for? Education spending is way up under President Bush...much more spent than under former President Clinton; and the amount we allot to defense is a small percentage of what we spend overall. Of course, then there's this way of looking at things. Personally, I like investing in whatever amount will keep this country safe. Without defense, you can kiss everything else goodbye.

Read the Daily Bruin.

"The protestors' ultimate goal was to remove President Bush from office."

Cutting class, shouting at drivers, and waving picket signs sure will accomplish that goal, I'm sure.

Ok....maybe there are a few moonbats in the Vietnamese community as well.

It's a great country we live in that people are allowed to protest and I'm allowed to point and laugh at them on a blog.

2nd UPDATE: Media Mouse (not right-wing) points out how The World Can't Wait is a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party. Good observation here (anti-war activists please take note):

While World Can't Wait successfully mobilized a few thousand people against the war yesterday, there is reason to believe that once ultra-sectarian "left" groups, many of whom, like the RCP have no popular base, start to dominate the antiwar movement, they run the risk of alienating both the "mainstream" and "radical" elements of the antiwar movement who will be turned off by the duplicitous and manipulative ways in which these groups will attempt to use antiwar activity for their own ends. International A.N.S.W.E.R., a front for the sectarian Workers World Party (WWP), has drawn similar criticism in the antiwar movement over the past three years. It should also be noted that Sectarian fighting significantly decreased participation in the antiwar movement against Vietnam from the late 1960s to the war's end and diminished the movement's effectiveness, thus prolonging the war.

3rd update (11/16/05): Get a load of this amateur video. Unbelievable.....


Blogger Jaymeister said...

I am in 100% agreement with that Media Mouse excerpt. The mainstream anti-war movement is too eager to take on whomever they can, that they are hurting their message with their associations. It's a big turn off for me, even though I believe that there is much about the war to be questioned. The last big march on Washington seemed to be about everything other than the war. I wrote once in my blog about the strange bedfellows that are made on certain political issues, and how, as a Jewish liberal, I'm uncomfortable with some of the groups that have come to be associated with causes I believe in. But I stay committed to my beliefs, and hope that not too many like-minded people get turned off.

Thursday, November 03, 2005 11:26:00 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

I heard that a Molotov cocktail was thrown at police in the San Francisco demonstration and a policeman's uniform was set on fire. Oh yeah, They are a peace movement.

Thursday, November 03, 2005 11:40:00 AM  
Blogger Jaymeister said...

Another interesting piece on the subject from Anthony Lappe in the Huffington Post.

Thursday, November 03, 2005 12:44:00 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

What sane person doesn't want to see an end to war?

It's very easy to gather out in the street and say you want peace.

It's another thing altogether to do what's necessary to achieve a lasting peace grounded in freedom. That's what our troops are making happen for us.

The protesters don't get it.

Bringing home our troops NOW does not equal peace.

Thursday, November 03, 2005 8:36:00 PM  
Blogger Pamela Reece said...

Another great post! My picket sign that I held as I counter-protested says it all "HONOR THEIR SACRIFICE...COMPLETE THE MISSION!!"

I'm sick to death of hearing anti-war protesters say they're not anti-troop. What exactly do they think those serving think about what their message and they way they're delivering. Peace? Yeah, you wanna piece of me? Arrooohaa!!! Nah, that is their message, not mine.

Friday, November 04, 2005 9:40:00 AM  

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