Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Obamamania is Running Wild, Brother!"

Train, say your prayers, and eat your vitamins, Barackamaniacs, 'cause the Hulkster just endorsed Barack Obama.

"What'cha gonna do, when Obamamania runs wild on you?!"

WWE pro-wrestlers, Kane and Val Venis endorse Ron Paul. Nothing quite like having professional wrestlers in your corner to add prestige and credibility.

Chuck Norris may deliver roundhouse kicks, but the "Nature Boy" Rick Flair body-slams Huck opponents: "And like I always say, to be the man, you've got to beat the man and Mike Huckabee is the man. Whoooooooo!"

Today, the last action hero and California Gubernator, Arnold Schwarzenegger is slated to endorse McCain.

Another screen-acting tough guy, Sylvester Stallone: “I like McCain a lot. A lot. And you know, things may change along the way, but there’s something about matching the character with the script. And right now, the script that’s being written and reality is pretty brutal and pretty hard-edged like a rough action film, and you need somebody who’s been in that to deal with it.”

Roseann Barr blasted Oprah's endorsement on her blog. Here's part of the original entry:

Obama votes with Bush constantly funding this terrible endless war. Oprah, you play the race card and the gender card too. You are a closeted republican and chose Barak Obama because you do not like other women who actually stand for something to working American Women besides glamour, angels, hollywood and dieting! When Americans find out that Obama backs right wing corporate racist anti worker bullshit, they will not vote for him, and the victory will go to the most racist right wing republican ever.... Mccain, who is a fascist! That the culinary service workers in vegas have promised barak their vote,( he is anti union in his votes) over edwards, who is a pro-union man, just proves how stupid americans are and how they can be tricked so easily by the color of a person's skin...exactly what MLK hated!

Obama doesn't even back reproductive rights for any woman! It is historical that Oprah Winfrey, beloved of women, chooses a flashy man with small credentials over a seasoned woman politician with 35 years of experience...and sells that to the female demographic who look to her for inspiration!
After a Huffington Post backlash, she backpedaled with this:
"I am just so worried about another Republican getting in, my stomache hurts and I can't sleep, and I go over the top sometimes!"
On a sidenote; I found this rather humorous, from a comment section:

Out of curiosity, I wandered on over to Daily Kos to catch the reaction to Obama’s smoking victory over HRC. One very enthusiastic Obama supporter announces:


Another commenter suggests he come up with a better term! LOL!

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Blogger Gayle said...

You can actually read the Daily Kos without getting physically ill? You are a strong man!

I watched the CNN debate last night. I'm not surprised that Schwartzenegger is endorsing McCain. I was very happy to watch the interaction between Romney and McCain in that debate. To me it seemed that McCain came across as a liar, which he is. Romney brought up the fact that never once did McCain bring up that charge during previous debates. It should be obvious to one and all that McCain didn't want to give Romney the chance to defend himself. He got his chance last night, and I hope that it helps.

Thursday, January 31, 2008 8:10:00 AM  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I like the pun - Obamanation ! The guy has yet to feel the full brunt of the Clinton's.

She has Cal, NY and NJ in the bag after that the nomination is just a matter of going to the Convention.

Thursday, January 31, 2008 8:27:00 AM  

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