Saturday, March 27, 2010

President Obama Goes Down in History as Giving America The Big Effin' Deal

Huff Po:

Secretary Robert Gibbs just tweeted:

"And yes Mr. Vice President, you're right... "

And our illustrious, dignified, presidential president thinks it's funny, too:

After Vice President Joe Biden’s controversial congratulatory remark to President Obama on Tuesday, where he called the passing of the health care bill a “big f—king deal,” news outlets ran wild with the slip-up caught on camera.

But, it didn’t seem to bother the President. In fact, Biden told The Baltimore Sun it was Obama’s favorite moment from Tuesday’s health care bill signing.

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“Biden said Obama joked at a Wednesday morning briefing that the ‘best thing from yesterday’ was ‘Joe's comment’ and that the president was trying to get the phrase printed on a T-shirt,” writes Justin Fenton of the The Baltimore Sun.

Oh, let's get this straight, here's a suggestion for Obama's t-shirt design:

His t-shirt can read: “Teddy Roosevelt gave us the Square Deal; the other Roosevelt gave us the New Deal; Truman the Fair Deal; and I gave the American people the Big Effin’ Deal!”

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