Monday, March 08, 2010

The Selfishness of Liberalism on Display

Republicans are often associated with greed and selfishness (because we all know there is no such thing as Democrat fat-cats and learjet liberals; and that Democrats always contribute more to charities). But liberals are rightfully identified with the entitlement-mentality. Education is a right. Same-sex marriage is a right. Healthcare is a right. Riiiiight....

In full parade-fashion, last Thursday's March 4th "Strike and Day of Action to Defend Education" saw liberal activists and students once again "fighting the good fight", seeing oppression and racial discrimination in necessary budget cuts that affect education. Peter Robinson summing it all up:
We have here the vocabulary of the peace movement, of the struggle for decent conditions for migrants and other exploited workers, and of the civil-rights movement. Yet what did the protesters demand? Peace? Human rights? No. Money. And for whom? For the downtrodden and oppressed? No. For themselves. At a time when one American in 10 is unemployed and historic deficits burden both the federal government and many of the states, the protesters attempted to game the political system. They engaged in a resource grab.

The protests did offer students a certain kind of instruction. They taught them to replace the idealism of youth with the crassest self-pleading.

These students may like to believe that they are asking themselves, "What is good for society?" But really, they are asking, "What is good for myself?"

And yes, they can compare themselves to their brethren of 40 years ago:

The Vietnam anti-war/peace movement should be more properly and accurately scarlet-lettered an anti-draft movement. By the end of 1971, under Nixon, the draft ended. Major peace protests happened throughout 1968 through ‘71. The largest, most intense bombing of the war occurred in Christmas of ‘72 [Operation Linebacker II]. Any protests? Any peace movement marches? Not a peep. Because those protesting the war knew that they would no longer be called up to serve. Yet we’re to believe that the “peace” movement were anti-war out of altruistic good conscience on behalf of the Vietnam people. No: many were motivated by selfish interests. After the draft ended under Nixon, so too did the majority support for these idiotic marches, which only fueled more violence; not less.

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Blogger Indigo Red said...

My older brother was elegable for the draft back in '69. Throughout his college career he managed to maintain majors that were draft exempt moving from Physical Education to English to Biology and finally Education in order to stay ahead of the draft-man. He never truly took a side, but now, long after the exit fron Saigon, he fully supports the Vietnam War and the Afghan War with only moderate support for the Iraq War. In any case, my brother's position was one of personal convenience and safety in the guise of altruism for the welfare of the innocent civilians of Vietnam.

Monday, March 08, 2010 2:57:00 PM  

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