Monday, September 17, 2007

Assassin Captured by U.S. Forces

Last week, I posted on the assassination of Sheikh Sattar.

One of Sheikh Sattar's assassins has now been captured.

Matt Sanchez says he conducted the last interview the Sheikh gave.

"I want to go to Afghanistan and kill Bin Ladin" was his big declaration. It's sometimes hard to tell if the Sheik is kidding or just hamming it up for the cameras. He was, after all, slated to meet the president and visit the United States.

What is not difficult to tell, is how much risk Sattar took last year when he stood up against AQI following the death of his father and brothers. "These people (the Islamists) take the oxygen from the air."
Other related news, as reported by Bill Roggio:

Counterinsurgency success in Haswa

A senior al-Qaeda leader known as "The Executioner" captured by special forces in Tarmiyah.

Standing up the Concerned Citizens in southern Baghdad

Mike's America on Anbar model for success spreading to Shiites.

Bottomline Up Front on Diversity is Strength in the Iraqi Army

Diyala Province back in May was also experiencing a similar expansion of the Anbar model.

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