Friday, October 26, 2007

Islamic Terrorist Crybabies

Al-Jazeera in English, Monday, reporting Osama bin Laden's message to fighters in Iraq:
"Some of you have been lax in one duty, which is to unite your ranks," bin Laden said. "Beware of division... The Muslim world is waiting for you to gather under one banner."
Bin Laden said fighters in Iraq should admit "mistakes" and try to correct them in the interest of unity.

The recording was aired as Iraq's government reported violence had dropped by 70 per cent since the end of June, following a series of US-led offensives.

Iraq's wing of al-Qaeda is one of the groups fighting US-led forces and the Baghdad government, but bin Laden's followers have angered other Sunni groups and tribes through their interpretations of Islam and indiscriminate killing of civilians.

"The mujahidin are the children of this nation ... they do right things and wrong things," bin Laden said. "Those who are accused of violations of God's commandments should face trial," bin Laden said.

And how do the Islamists respond? AP writer:
Al-Qaida sympathizers have unleashed a torrent of anger against Al-Jazeera television, accusing it of misrepresenting Osama bin Laden's latest audiotape by airing excerpts in which he criticizes mistakes by insurgents in Iraq.

Users of a leading Islamic militant Web forum posted thousands of insults against the pan-Arab station for focusing on excerpts in which bin Laden criticizes insurgents, including his followers.

Analysts said the reaction highlighted militants' surprise at bin Laden's words, and their dismay at the deep divisions among al-Qaida and other Iraqi militants that he appeared to be trying to heal.

"It's not about Al-Jazeera, it's about their shock from bin Laden," said Diaa Rashwan, an Egyptian expert on Islamic militant groups. "For the first time, bin Laden, who used to be the spiritual leader who gives guidance, became a critic of al-Qaida and is confessing mistakes. This is unusual."
It should be obvious by now, that Al-Qaeda's hold on Iraq has slipped. And its leader giving an indirect admission to the fact that they have been losing the battle for "the central front of the war".

Al Fajr Center- the official online distribution network for Al-Qaeda's messages from bin Laden issued the following statement [by way of Counterterrorism Blog]:
"Aljazeera editors in chief have counterfeited the facts by making the speech appear as exclusively targeting the brothers and sons inside Al-Qaeda organization. It looked as if it was an acknowledgment of their mistakes, a renunciation of their jihad and their loyalty to it." The letter went on to condemn the directors of Al-Jazeera for "shamefully choosing to back the crusaders’ side, and the defenders of hypocrites and the thugs and traitors of Iraq.”
So apparently the mujahidin fighters in Iraq are wounded by the words of Osama, and blame Al-Jazeera tv news for reporting what was clearly in the message. What is it that make Islamists so thin-skinned that they cannot handle criticism and rebuke? They don't like the message, so they want to rage against the messenger?

Oh least they can still count on the NYTimes.

Hat tip: The Oxford Medievalist

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