Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"You want abuses? You want abuses?! You Can't handle the abuses!"

Senator Dick Durbin wants to bitch about abuses on the magnitude of a Soviet Gulag? The Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge? Nazi death camps? The mass graves of a Saddam regime? Perhaps he'll find more luck here, than he will find at Gitmo:

Are You Angry About Cruelty to Vegetables?

The Vegetable Rights Militant Movement (VRMM) is a nationally active, grassroots, vegetable liberation and defense organization. The VRMM differs from other vegetable activist organizations in that it really does all that it can to stop people from torturing, killing, humiliating, and ultimately eating vegetables and fruits.

The VRMM has grown from a small group to a large, multi-national militia that fights unceasingly for the liberties of each and every fruit and vegetable. There are plenty of people to look out for animals already, but fruits and vegetables have only recently had humans on their side, thanks to the VRMM.

VRMM members have chained themselves to hay bailers, corn huskers, and tree shakers to voice their opposition of the legality of these torture devices. Other members have staged sit-ins at local produce sections of supermarkets, chanting "veggie-killer" at anyone who picked up vegetables for purchase.

Fruits and vegetables have been victims of cruelty throughout all recorded history. Humankind's so-called advancement into agriculture was also it's moral demise. Once people began farming crops they sold their souls to the god of violence.

Corn husker torture device

The good news is that you can join the fight to stop vegetable cruelty by sharing this information with friends and family, as well as making a sizeable donation to the cause (see button on the left).

The Vegetable Rights Militant Movement (VRMM) began in 1977 when a young lad refused to eat pureed carrots, mushed bananas, what was reported-to-be apples of some sort, and other sundry produce items stuffed into jars.

Brutalized fruits and veggies

Vegetable abusers all over the world have been paying attention to the protestors affiliated with the VRMM. We know how to get our point across and will stop at nothing to see even one more fruit or vegetable live a happy, normal life.

This carrot is seen skinned alive, bleeding over a kitchen sink. This type of action MUST STOP!! How can the world say it is civilized when such brutality still exists everywhere?

This poor apple is left alone, rotting, on a dirty grocery store floor. Would we leave our mom or dad rotting on the floor?? NO! VEGGIES HAVE RIGHTS TOO!!!

Poor, poor watermelon... it's literally seperated from it's skin in this damning image of violence towards fruit.

The world was shocked when it found mass graves in Iraq. How do you feel about finding mass graves in your local supermarket each and every day of the year??

You can't even tell that this green mess was once cilantro. We have torture devices that are not only legal in the United States, but publicly marketed as a "good product"! This has got to stop. This killing machine has brutalized this poor cilantro.

Caged in and ready to be sent off for torturous cooking. These innocent strawberries don't deserve to die like this! Nobody does.

These were once oranges. Now they lie in mass graves in the local grocery store.

Yes, this once was a potato. Potatoes get smashed by hammers in our culture waaaaaaaaaaaay too often. The smashing must stop!!!

This potato died of neglect and exposure. It's whithered frame once shelled a healthy and vibrant life form. Now it's brittle carcass reeks of death. Shame on us, cruel world!!

This is an example of the barbaric CHINESE BROCCOLI TORTURE. This image of brutality speaks volumes against the mistreatment of vegetables everywhere. Veggies suffer at human hands each and every day, all over the world! Please let the cruelty end!!

This was once pineapple. It was kidnapped from it's life-giving tree, then skinned, sliced, and canned. After all of these horrific events it was left outside for a month to rot in the wind and rain. Look at the poor thing. If this image does not stir your heart to act against vegetable cruelty then you must not have a heart!

Beans on the BBQ? You've got to be kidding me.

Look if you dare, how this poor orange has been mercilessly cut in half, then smashed in this tortuous device until it's juice (much akin to our blood) is squeezed out of it for our consumption! Gross! This has got to stop!

What a terrible sight. This poor fruit is being ripped in half by an evil primate. Very disturbing...

Even though these mushrooms aren't technically in the plant kingdom they still qualify for protection from heinous crims such as being committed in this photo. This picture reminds me of something out of Silence of the Lambs only it could be retitled Screaming of the Shrooms.

This is the saddest form of apple cruelty that my friend and I have encountered. It was so bad that the juices were everywhere!

"This is a pic of serious vegetable cruelty to be posted on the site. It's actually a young coconut which was massacred!"

-More like "was" a young coconut. Very disturbing image.

Next time Senator Durbin makes outrageous claims about abuses and torture, perhaps he should first take a look at these photos of real atrocities, rather than imagined....of course, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he is, in fact, a Vegan/Vegetarian/fruitarian.


Blogger Mark said...

That is indeed a tragedy. Now, between PETA and VRMM, I will starve to death. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 5:37:00 AM  

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