Sunday, November 27, 2005

Operation: Peace Cranes

I'm sure many of you out there might already be familiar with the story of Sadako and a thousand cranes. Since then, paper cranes have been used as not only a symbol of good health, but a symbol for peace.

Well, here's a chance to learn a little more about the Wordsmith: Something else that I am into besides political opining, is origami. So what do you get when you lace politics onto paperfolding? Well, take a look at this video I made from my digital camera. It was shot from last weekend, when I was at the Japan Expo.

While you're at it, please take the time to see the kind of things I can fold; much of what looks impossible to fold from a single square sheet of paper, probably is folded from a single square.

Take this for instance:All folded from a single square by Satoshi Kamiya, who also is the designer. No scissors. No glue.

My favorite artist is Takashi Hojyo, who captures the human form with great elegance: Origami has come a long way from jumping frogs and paper cranes.

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Blogger Pamela Reece said...

I was not aware of the story behind the oragami crane. It is only since I have been watching Prison Break that it peaked my curiosity. Thanks for posting about the origin of this.

Your work is great! It seems like this would be a very relaxing hobby to take up.

Sunday, November 27, 2005 4:46:00 PM  

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