Thursday, January 05, 2006

Frak me!!!

I loved the cheesy 70's version, like most kids did at the time. Today, as an adult, I also am addicted to the new "grittier" series; although it still irks me greatly that they were not fan-friendly to the old BSG loyalists of the past 25 years. There is no reason why this could not have kept the same flavor (I mean, the style and tone of the new series) and been made into a continuation instead of that horrid concept, a "re-imagining" (such as "Planet of the Apes"). Or, just call it something completely different. Being "BSG" in name only, is just so much BS. Since they alienated many original fans, it's not like they were trying hard to market to that base of support.

I see a lot of influence in this series from Space: Above and Beyond, which deserved a longer life. For links to politics, visit a post MidnightBlue made about the series. I made a rather lengthy post over there, at the time.

Anyway, reason for this post is to announce that new episodes begin tomorrow night. You can actually view season one's finale here (I believe, we are on season three). Click on the box on the upper righthand're a bright chap, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

This makes me wish I was a kid again, owning a PlayStation!

Update: MidnightBlue has a new post.


Anonymous skye said...

The opening scene for BSG 2.5 lingers with me. The viper squadrons weaving amongst one another until they got the all clear to shoot.

That was an amazing scene, of course, Starbuck steals the moment by arriving in the nick of time!

After reading several BSG spoiler sites, Ron Moore's interviews and listening to podcasts regarding BSG; This season looks as though it is going to redefine it's main characters. Specifically Kara (Starbuck) and Lee's (Apollo)relationship.


Ron Moore and David Eck certainly have taken the orginal Battlestar series in an entirely new (perhaps different) direction.

Because of the cast and plotline changes, there will always be a comparison to the orginal.

In comparing the character of Commander Adama, I can see why the orginalists are irked by this re-imagining of their beloved series. Edward James Olmos's Adama is frankly wimpy in comparison to Lorne Greene's Adama. Back in the day, LG's Adama's word was law throughout the fleet, now all EJO's Adama can do is merely suggest solutions to a problem and hope they are not shut down by the Colonial Tribunal. LG's Adama considered killing Cylons as one of his high priorities. EJO's Adama makes a point to apologise to a Cylon in colonial custody.

Monday, January 09, 2006 9:19:00 PM  

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