Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Personal Intelligence Guestimate

Should the CIA be abolished and start afresh? Christopher Hitchens thinks so. And with good reason, if one reads "Shadow Warriors" by Kenneth Timmerman. It will have you seething over how officials within the State Department and CIA have actively subverted and sabotaged, since day one, the goals of the current Administration. In working against the Bush Administration, they've made things much worse for American interests. The latest NIE report and the CIA destruction of tapes (and ABC News misleading the public about Harriet Miers, and the over-reaching for political opportunism) is just the latest in a history that is ripe with incompetence and political partisanship over patriotic duty and professionalism.

More on NIE at Flopping Aces:
Bolton on the new NIE
18% believe in the new NIE
NIE looking more partisan daily
The Push Back on the Iran NIE

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